Traffic and safety

Hrvatske Autoceste d.o.o. is the operator of the largest (925,8 km long) motorway network in the Republic of Croatia. 

This network includes the following motorways: 

  • Motorway A1 Zagreb - Split - Dubrovnik (Bosiljevo - Split - Ploče - Karamatići) 415,3 km
  • Motorway A3 Bregana - Zagreb - Lipovac 306,4 km
  • Motorway A4 Zagreb - Goričan 96,9 km
  • Motorway A5 Beli Manastir  -Osijek - Svilaj 58,7 km
  • Motorway A10 B&H border - Ploče 8,5 km
  • Motorway A11 Zagreb - Sisak 32,7 km
  • Sveti Ilija Tunnel on state road D76 Baška Voda - Zagvozd 7,3 km

The main service that the company offers the general public i.e. motorway users is the use of safe, modern and throughput motorways. In addition to this main goal which is the safety of motorway users, one of the key goals of the company is to cater the needs of our clients, understand their needs, and to enable undisturbed use of motorways and other infrastructure operated by the company and the on-going improvement and modernization of the motorway system. 

With the construction and opening to traffic of more than 600 km motorway sections over the past 14 years (since the establishment of the company) the overall traffic safety on motorways in the Republic of Croatia has been significantly improved and has contributed to the trend of decreasing number of accidents and incidents in the entire country (the information on the number of traffic accidents is published on our web site). 

We shall also note that the service areas on motorways offer an array of services to drivers and passengers (petrol stations, shops, restaurants, motels, car mechanic's etc.). This contributes to the safe and comfortable ride and provides for their needs for fuel, rest, refreshments and other technical services, but also allows tourist and travel information for visitors, Internet, banking services, and meets the specific needs of the disabled and children.